All right, so I’ve never done anything like this before. “What’s  that?” you ask. Post an excerpt from one of my books in advance of the release date. But honesty, I’m so excited about FURY OF SEDUCTION (Dragonfury series, book 3) coming out on Tuesday (November 13th!) that I simply couldn’t resist sharing a little of Mac and Tania’s story with you ahead of time. If you like the sneak peek, let me know, and I’ll continue to do them in advance of my books becoming available.


So without further ado…here we go!


A Dragonfury Excerpt:  FURY OF SEDUCTION


“Tania.” Mac’s deep voice rumbled, lapping at her like gentle waves. Dragging her attention away from the water, her gaze landed on the man she yearned to know without understanding why. Well, all right. The why wasn’t hard to figure out. Any woman in her right mind would want him. He was just that hot, but her want went deeper than the physical stuff, crossing into must-have territory. And as he made eye contact, she gave up trying to resist. “I want you to watch.”






Not hard to do. Standing shirtless in the moonlight, the ocean a magnificent backdrop behind him, he looked like a Greek god. Powerful. Irresistible. Golden skin poured over hard muscle and long limbs. Gorgeous with a capital G, even now with his glowing gaze fixed on her.


Electricity crackled, raising the fine hair on her nape. Mac transformed, shifting into a blue-grey dragon. Her jaw dropped and shock bit deep, clipping her reflexes. With a yelp, Tania scrambled backwards and lost her footing. Her butt collided with solid stone. The stinging thump barely registered. She was too busy staring…being mesmerized by the whole man to dragon switcheroo.


“Holy jeez,” she whispered, taking in his scales, horned head, and killer claws. A dragon with Mac’s aquamarine eyes. The stuff of fairy tales and little girls’ dreams. Surprise circled into awe, making her forget to be afraid. “Mac…you’re…wow, just crazy beautiful.”


He snorted. Steam rose from his nostrils. His mouth tipped up on one side, revealing a razor-sharp row of teeth and one huge fang. “I prefer lethal.”


No kidding. And he was that…deadly with an extra helping of vicious. The moon came out to play again, making the blade along his spine gleam like a razor-sharp sword edge. Tania pushed to her feet. Flexing her fingers, she chewed on the inside of her cheek, wondering if…maybe…she could…


Screw it. He looked too incredible standing there, and she was too curious not to ask.


“Can I touch you?”




He rolled his massive shoulders. Smooth scales clicked together as she approached. Heart hammering, each breath coming in frosty burst, she swallowed her apprehension and stopped in front of him. Warm, mint-favored breath rushed over her, ruffling the hair on top of her head. Tania smiled a little. Jeez, it really was Mac. He smelled the same, like the man she’d woken up with, not the dragon she stood next to. Moving slowly, she raised her hand, and reaching up, laid her palm flat against his scaled chest. He growled. She jumped, but stayed true, lifting her other hand to join the first, spreading her fingers wide to touch more of him.


Incredible. Way beyond weird in a really cool way. “You’re so warm.”


“Dragonkind is hot-blooded.”


“No relation to the reptile family then, huh?”


He huffed. More steam rose, flirted with the breeze before drifting away. Shifting his weight, he turned one of his paws palm up, showcasing the tips of his claws. “Ready?”


She hesitated. Ready. Huh. Really good question. One she wasn’t sure she could answer. At least, with any amount of intelligence. The strange factor was just to, well…let’s put it this way. She was touching (and talking) to a dragon. A dragon! So, yup. Strange, surreal and crazy all qualified in the screwed up situation department. Ocean waves crested, rushing sound up the clip face. His chest rose and fell beneath her hands. Chewing on her lip, she glanced up. Familiar aquamarine eyes met hers. “We’re not doing the air bubble thing again, are we?”


“No. I’m going to fly you home.”


Oh. Well, all right then. Flying was good. Much better than—


Tania blinked, cutting of that thought. Good lord, she really had lost her mind. Hello Crazytown. Goodbye sanity. But even as the realization registered, Tania pushed it aside. Despite his rapid change, the man-dragon (dragon-man…whatever!) was undeniably Mac. And she trusted him. To keep his word. To keep her safe. And take her home to Myst.


So, instead of fighting, she added faith to her list of accomplishments and slid into the middle of his paw. Huge talons closed around her. She squeezed her eyes closed and held on tight as he unfurled his wings and dove over the cliff edge into the night sky.