Fury of Desire Takes Top Marks!

"Anyone who enjoys PNR reads that has some form of brotherhood or intricate world building such as Kenyon’s Dark Hunters, Thea Harrison’s Elder Races, and even JR Ward’s BDB will sure to enjoy Ms. Callahan’s Dragonfury series." —Under The Covers Book Blog

RT Book Reviews: 4.5 STARS for Fury of Desire!

"Action, adventure and a sassy attitude light up this fabulous take on the classic battle of good vs. evil. Callahan entertains readers right from the beginning, adding a dose of treachery as the book progresses. The redemption of two tortured souls as they strive for happiness makes for enjoyable reading." —RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars

"Powerful and compelling..."

"Knight Avenged is another incredibly romantic, and action-packed novel. Never sure what will happen next, the reader will not want to put this one down. Dragons, evil and sorcery combine with the magic of White Temple and the power of love to make Knight Avenged by Coreene Callahan a not to be missed reading.  Her amazing ability to paint a story with her words will take the reader on an incredible journey." ~ SingleTitles.com

High Praise for Knight Avenged!

“Callahan has a definite flair for imaginative world building, and Knight Avenged, the second book in her Circle of Seven series after Knight Awakened (2012), will enthrall both romance and fantasy readers with its spellbinding mix of medieval-inspired setting, magic-infused plotting, and passionate love story.”— John Charles, Booklist

5 Stars and a Top Reviewer Pick for FURY OF SEDUCTION:

“The Dragonfury series is a definite keeper.” — Night Owl Reviews, 5 star Top Reviewer Pick

Knight Awakened: A Stellar Start to a New Series

"Knight Awakened is a stellar start to a new series. Coreene has blended together a magical world filled with fierce warriors, an intriguing prophecy, malicious villains, mythical creatures and scorching hot romance that will burn up the pages. Even though this book was four hundred and fifty pages, I devoured it in one sitting, it was just that amazing!" ~ A Bookworms Haven

Library Journal reviews Knight Awakened:

“Assassins, shape-changing dragons, and plenty of action drive the plot of this magical romantic fantasy that will keep fans of the subgenre on their toes and nicely launches a seven-book series.”—Library Journal

Praise for Knight Awakened from the Library Journal:

“A reluctant heroine who finally embraces her powers and a hero in need of redemption find healing and love in this complex medieval fantasy that has a foot firmly in both fantasy and romance camps.”—Library Journal

Praise for Knight Awakened

Callahan deftly weaves a fresh tale of good versus evil, gathering a unique fighting force, including some were-dragons, that will keep fans eager for the upcoming sequels. ~ Publishers Weekly

Reader’s Entertainment Book Reviews

“Modern day, fantasy and paranormal with hot romance, Coreene Callahan has created memorable characters and a seemingly impossible situation. That is storytelling at its best!”

A Joyfully Recommend Read

"I can’t wait until my next look at the Dragonfury world.  Fury of Fire has hot passion, deadly danger and just enough light spots that keep you on the edge of your seat hoping and worrying about what the next page might have to offer.”

Reviewed by Jo
Joyfully Reviewed

5.5 out of 5 stars from Proserpine Craving Books

“Ms. Callahan really gives the reader a new paranormal specie to fall in love with. I totally devoured this book, so go get your copy!”

Reviewed by Proserpine
Proserpine Craving Books

Under The Covers Book Blog – 4.5 out of 5 stars

“…these Dragon Shifters are alpha males you can enjoy. I truly enjoyed them and I highly recommend this book.”

Reviewed By Angela
Under the Covers Book Blog

Fresh Fiction Book Reviews

Coreene Callahan really delivers with her debut novel, FURY OF FIRE. She gets an A+ from me for her fresh and exciting take on dragons.

Reviewed By Pamela Lynne
Romance Junkies

High praise for Fury of Ice:

“FURY OF ICE will take you on a chilly ride of dragon fights and dragon passions. Great characters makes this story worthwhile and the easy flow of dialogue and action kept me interested until the very end.”

Reviewed By Stephanie
Tynga’s Reviews

Book Review of Fury of Ice

“…I am just completely hooked on this series!  The dragon shifters in this world are fascinating and I cannot get enough of them.”

Reviewed By Meaghan
Bookworm’s Haven

Dawn & Winnie Book Review – 5 stars for Knight Awakened

“Wow! I loved the Dragonfury Series and Knight Awakened is another love. Coreene Callahan knows how to deliver!!! Knight Awakened has everything, action, supernatural creatures, romance, humor, excitement, suspense and twist and turns!”