So you all know I started playing hockey again…after years off ice. Anyway, Hubby came to watch me play last Friday and took some pics of me in all my Goalie glory.


I had a BLAST that night. We won 4-1!



Puck’s the Corner











Looking through the Crowd















Good morning and a good Tuesday to you! This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #114 – If given the opportunity to observe a dragon sharpen his claws, watch from a safe distance. One small slip on his part and game over. You’ll end up sliced in two.




Great news! In celebration of FURY OF OBSESSION, the newest release in the Dragonfury Series on February 24th, I’ve got a giveaway on the go over at Goodreads. Enter for a chance to win one of 2 signed copies of FURY OF FIRE (the first book in the Dragonfury Series) and plunged into the action-packed world of the Nightfury dragon-warriors.


Giveaway ends February 24th/2015, so enter today!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan

Fury of Fire

by Coreene Callahan

Giveaway ends February 24, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Oh and here’s the reading of the Dragonfury Series, for those of you who’d like to know…





FURY OF FATE: a Dragonfury short story

FURY OF OBSESSION – available Feb. 24th


Here we are again. This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


#113 – Beware of dragons bearing gifts. He’ll almost certainly want a favor in return. Which could include the sexual kind…at least if you’re lucky!





Back again with Dragon Tip Tuesday and how to stay healthy this winter season…


Tip #112 – Stand off to one side when meeting a dragon with a terrible head cold. Otherwise, you’ll end up scrambling (more than a little singed too) when he sneezes, accidently launching a fireball in your direction.






Finally. At long last. A diagnosis.





Oh, yeah…It’s just a month away now!


I’m gearing up and getting ready to head to Daytona Beach, Florida for the 2015 Coastal Magic Readers Convention next month (Feb 5th-8th). I’d love to see you there, so if you live in/near Florida OR just need some fun in the sun, come join me. It’s going to be a laid back, fun-fantastic affair with awesome authors who write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Registration closes Jan. 14th, so don’t delay. Jump on over and register today!


TO REGISTER or for more information:




Facebook “likeable” Page:

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Facebook Event:

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A new year has dawned, and this week’s Dragon Tip Tuesday is all about resolutions. How to keep’em, but mostly about how to break’em!


Tip #111 – Made any New Year’s resolutions this year? Well, avoid letting a dragon-shifter know. He’s a master at breaking rules, not helping you keep them. But oh, what fun you’ll have while he pushes the boundaries and you break through all of yours.





A timely New Years tip this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday!


Tip #110 – Dragons love a good party, so beware if you invite one to your New Year’s Eve bash. He’ll drink everyone under the table, then insist he’s fine to fly. A bad idea. Drinking and flying, a terrible combination. He’ll take entire buildings out on the way home!




Hello all! So glad you dropped by the day after Christmas. I’ve got great news to share!


ALL four Dragonfury novels are on sale in the USA. Today Only! So if you haven’t given this series a try, pick up your copies today and save!



FURY OF FIRE (book 1):

FURY OF ICE (book 2):


FURY OF DESIRE (book 4):


Oh and while you’re there, feel free to PreOrder the next in the Dragonfury Serires. FURY OF OBSESSION (book 5) releases February 24, 2014! Here’s the link to preorder your copy:


Thanks everyone! Hope you all had a terrific Christmas!


Banner made by Cheryl Veasey


For those of you who live in the UK, I’ve got wicked news to share. A fantastic deal is on the go in your neck of the woods: ALL 4 Dragonfury books are on sale for just £0.99 each in the UK Kindle store. Deal ends at midnight December 25th, so snap up all four books and save big this Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!
FURY OF FIRE (book 1):

FURY OF ICE (book 2):


FURY OF DESIRE (book 4):



And KNIGHT AWAKENED (Circle of Seven Series, book 1) is on sale for only £0.99 as well. Snap up the first book and dive into a world full of elite assassins, powerful sorcerers and dragons that never say quit:



Dragonfury Banner--Jay Cam



Christmas is just days away and Nightfury warriors are ready! They always do Christmas up in style, but this year I got a peak at their Christmas lists and am sharing each with you in Tip #109 on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


  • All MAC wants for Christmas is…an Olympic-sized swimming pool! Tania (his mate) has made his water dragon half happy by finishing the plans for the landscape design. Now all that’s left to do is start digging in Black Diamond’s backyard.


  • GAGE is a gear-head and spends a crazy amount of time in Black Diamond’s garage breaking down and rebuilding cars. A rusted-out 1950 Buick Eight to fix up is on his must-have list for 2015.


  • WICK wants to spend some quality time outdoors with J.J. (his mate) in the new year. A matched set of ATVs (the faster the better, for off-roading and trailing riding) is on his wish list this year.


  • SLOAN’s a huge movie bluff. A new theater-style set up is on his mind, so the string of cutting edge electronics to build a mega surround sound system on his list is about a mile long. Get ready for some serious movie watching at Black Diamond in the new year!


  • BASTIAN is looking to get away with his mate before the new baby arrives. A long weekend away from the Nightfury pack and a five star trip to the Big Apple with Myst is what he’s asking for this year.


  • Anything cold will soothe RIKAR’s frosty side, but what he really wants are new snowmobiles (a pair of Yamaha SR Vipers will do!), so he and Angela can put the snow-laden racetrack in the lair’s back forty to good use.


  • HAIDER is a smooth operator and a big cigar enthusiast. He’s put a cigar room (complete with a sophisticated ventilation system and perfect temperature control to house his precious cigar collection) at the top of his Christmas list.


  • FORGE is building a wine & whiskey cellar in the underground lair, so a truckload of oak barrels from the old country to age whiskey JUST RIGHT is on his hit list this year.


  • VENOM can’t get enough of video games, but his obsession with the latest and greatest in the Xbox world has taken a back seat in recent days. All he wants for Christmas this year is Evelyn.


So there you have it, a sneak peak at the guy’s 2014 Christmas lists. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Nightfury dragon-warriors to all of you!




With Christmas just over a week away, I’ve decided to share the dragon-warriors version of the 12 Days of Christmas song. So tune up your vocal cords and prepare to sing along this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #108 – The 12 Days of Christmas song, Dragon Style!


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

Twelve Dragons roaring
Eleven Fireballs flying
Ten Men a screaming
Nine Ladies cheering
Eight Trees on fire
Seven Buildings exploding
Six Fire Trucks racing
Five Golden Claws
Four Cursing Neighbors
Three Sonic Booms
Two Nasty Snarls
and a purple Dragon eating an Elf.


























I’ve got some exciting news!


So you all know Fury of Obsession, the fifth book in the Dragonfury Series (Venom’s story), will be released Feb. 24th. PreOrder buttons are live, so if you missed it, here’s the link to buy or share with your friends * * Anyway…onto my fun news!


I just found out Fury of Surrender (Forge’s story) will be released this Fall–October 2015. Whoot! Can you tell I’m super excited about this? And ALSO!…Fury of Destruction (book 7…Gage’s book, at least I think. Nian’s still lobbying hard for his story and WANTS book 7!) will be released early Spring 2016. Add the Dragonfury novella, Fury of a Highland Dragon into the mix (all about Forge’s old pack–sexy Scottish dragons!) and it’s going to be AWESOME! Lots and lots of smokin’ hot dragon-warriors coming down the pipe in the new year.




We’re just a couple of weeks away from Christmas. I hope you have your shopping started and all you’re Christams decorations up. In the spirit of all things festive, this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #107 – Whatever you do, don’t ask a lightning dragon to put up your Christmas lights. He’ll get tangled up in LEDs, short out electrical circuits, and blow the power to your entire neighborhood. Pissed off neighbors—never a great way to start the holidays.




It’s Tuesday already. Another Dragon Tip is here!


Tip #106 – Never serve a fire dragon soda pop. The fizz will make him sneeze, and you’ll end up explaining why a fireball exploded out your front window to the police.



World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Art & Pictures, Deathwing the Destroyer


And here it is, the tip of the week on Dragon Tip Tuesday. Just in time for American Thanksgiving too!


Tip #105 – Invite a dragon over for Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will he be an amusing guest, but you’ll be REALLY thankful when he settles in for a nightcap and rocks your world.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Amercian neighbors! Hope you have a great long weekend.



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We’ve come full circle and arrived once again at Dragon Tuesday! This week’s tip is all about mental toughness and running for your life.


Tip #104 – When fleeing a deranged dragon, run in a zigzag pattern. It won’t do a darn thing to save your life, but it’ll make you feel better before the fireball arrives and you get fried.






Thank goodness it’s Friday, because I’ve got something awesome to share. And well, it only seems fitting that it’s arrived as we turn the corner into the weekend!


The cover of Fury of Obsession (Dragonfury Series, book 5) is here! And I’m super excited that I finally get to share it with you. Isn’t it awesome? I’m loving it. Now I get to stare at Venom (the smokin’ hot hero in the 5th Dragonfury novel) all day long. Happy Friday to me and you! :-)


Pre-Order buttons are now live. Click on the link and order your copy today:






I’m a little late posting this today, but I have a good excuse. I actually slept in–for the first time in forever. I forgot what that feels like…so good. But now it’s back to business and this week’s tip on Dragon Tip Tuesday!


Tip #103 – Never play Monopoly with a dragon. He’ll treat the board like a race track, take $400 instead of $200 when passing go, skip jail, and steal Park Place along with the Monopoly guy in his car on the way out. Not a bad way to win—especially if you convince him to take you with him when he goes.



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