Here you go! Your dragon tip for the week…


TIP #87 – Planning your vacation? Take a dragon camping. Not only will he fly you to interesting locations, but he’ll light your fire every single night.


Not bad for a simple camping trip, right? Happy Tuesday all. Enjoy the day!


Hi there!


So glad you stop by today, because got some fun news to share. I’ll be doing a live chat with readers on ReadOn this afternoon. The chat starts at 4pm EST, so come by and say hello. I’ll be talking books, writing, and revealing secrets. Which means I’ll be dishing about the smokin’s hot dragon-warriors in my Dragonfury Series and what’s up next for the sexy assassins in my newest release, KNIGHT AVENGED, book 2 in the Circle of Seven Series.


So block off some time, pull up a chair, and join the chat. I’d love to see you there!


Here’s the link that will get you into the Chat:




It seems like I’ve been waiting forever, but now it’s here…and I’m super excited about release day! KNIGHT AVENGED (Circle of Seven Series, book 2) is available NOW!


Pick up your copy at any of the links below:




Book Depository:


Oh and if you have a chance, add KNIGHT AVENGED to your bookshelf on Goodreads too!


Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy readying Knight Avenged as much as I did writing it!






Great news! Twenty (20) copies of Knight Avenged (Circle of Seven Series, book 2) are up for grabs on Goodreads! Enter for a chance to win before the giveaway closes tomorrow!


Here’s the linkL


Good luck, everyone!




We’re back and here be dragons! This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #85 – Never write a dragon a love note. He’ll hold you to it and you’ll end up stuck in his lair. Treated as a pampered guest—for sure, but really just another jewel in his treasure trove.


dragon jewel




Woowhoo! Super excited to tell you the first 3 books in the Dragonfury Series are on sale for just $1.99 each. So go forth and save $$$ on your summer reads!


Fury of Fire (book 1):

Fury of Ice (book 2):

Fury of Seduction (book 3):



Banner made by Cheryl Veasey




Here we go! Dragon Tip Tuesday on tap…


Tip #84 – Beware of pink-scaled dragons. There are none. So if you spot one, you’re either looking at a top secret science project gone horribly wrong or have been partying WAY too hard.






This week on DRAGON TIP Tuesday…


Tip #83 – When dating a dragon, don’t bring him home to meet your parents. He’ll do tricks at dinner to impress them and end up setting the tablecloth (and the house—heck, the whole neighborhood!) on fire. Something the firefighters in your district won’t appreciate.



Chinese Fire Dragon





It’s here!  I received the official book trailer for KNIGHT AVENGED (Circle of Seven Series, book 2) yesterday and am so glad it arrived on time. With the book release just a few weeks away (July 15th, to be exact!), I’m excited that I get to show you a little of what Knight Avenged is all about. Super fun. I hope you enjoy the visual sneak peak. And oh…drop me  line and leave me a comment here once you’ve watch it to let me know what you think!


Preorder your copy of Knight Avenged here:


And if you haven’t read the first book, KNIGHT AWAKENED, in the Circle of Seven Series yet:


Have a great weekend everyone!






HEADS UP! If you haven’t had a chance to buy FURY OF DESIRE (Dragonfury Series, book 4) yet, now’s the time. It’s on sale for just $1.99! Limited time only, so snap up your copy today!


Here’s the direct link:



Reading Order for the Dragonfury Series:





FURY OF FATE (a Dragonfury Short Story)










DRAGON TIP TUESDAY is here again!


Tip #82: If you’re looking to draw a green dragon’s eye, pretend you’re a paragon of proper behavior. He’ll fall for your straight laced allure hook, line and sinker. Which will make for an interesting exchange and an even better night when he takes the bait and ends up in your bed.




Fantastic News! FURY OF FATE has arrived!


I’m so excited to share FURY OF FATE, my very first Dragonfury short story, with you about the unlikeliest of couples—Ivar, leader of a rogue faction of Dragonkind, and Sasha, the woman who takes him on. He’s a guy who makes most people run scared, and I love that it’s taken a woman to set him back on his heels! But best of all, Fury of Fate is a great deal—just 0.99 cents! I hope you pick it up and enjoy the read.


You can e-book yourself here:




Happy Friday everyone!


Fury of Fate High Res Cover


Ready for this week’s Dragon Tip? It’s all about Haider…


Tip #81 – Silver dragons are known for diplomacy…until you corner him at a party to whisper naughty suggestions in his ear. He won’t waste a moment locating a private alcove to take you. And you won’t believe how fast your clothes come off when you get there.




I’ve got some great Friday news to share. The Dragonfury short story I wrote, FURY OF FATE, will be released next week…June 12th, to be precise. Originally, Fury of Fate was part of an anthology I released with other authors in February, but I had so many people get in touch and ask if I would release it as a short story single, I decided to do just that. And I’m so very excited about sharing it with you next week!


I don’t have the buy links yet, but as soon as I do I post the links here as well as on my Facebook page. Here’s the link to my FB page:  If you’d hop on over and like my page, I won’t object! :-) I share all kinds of news and fun antidotes there, but most especially lots of beautiful dragon pictures! Always a fan favorite.


Oh, and before I forget to show you. Here’s the new cover of Fury of Fate (a Dragonfury short story single)! Don’t you just love it? I know I do!


Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your weekend.


Fury of Fate High Res Cover


This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #80 – Thinking about going into the Dragon capturing business? Think again. Throwing a net to tie him up will only piss him off. Unless, of course, you tie him to your bed. He won’t object to that at all…just as long as you promise to join him there.




So…I neglected to post last week’s Dragon Tip here because I was in New Orleans at the RT Booklovers Convention. What a great time. Such a great city, but it did wreak havoc on me getting things done! So this week, I’m posting two Dragon Tips–the one I missed posting last week and this week’s tip. Enjoy the double trouble!


Tip #78 – If you ever get the chance, hook up with a Voodoo Dragon. Not only are the hexes he places on people who annoy you fabulous, but he’ll make sure you get home safely after a night on the town too. Always a great place (or ahem, position!) for a girl to be in. Particularly when invites himself in and stays for days!




Tip #79 – Bronze dragons have a nasty disposition, so if you ever meet one, be ready to get out of range. Known for his protective streak, he’ll champion the underdog and crush a bully in a heartbeat—which will include stomping on you if you happen to be there and he believes you deserve it.


So there you have it.  Two for the price of one. Have a terrific week everybody!


This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday, avoid the allure of the explorating a Dragon lair!


Tip #77 – Curiosity killed the cat (and sometimes people too), so no matter how tempting, never sneak into a dragon lair and expect to get back out. You’ll pay the ultimate price—a lifetime inside his lair, catering to his every whim.




Great deal! KNIGHT AWAKENED (Circle of Seven Series, book 1) is the Sunday Gold Box Kindle Daily Deal, on sale for just $1.99. The sale runs through today only, so snap up your copy today!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


knight awakened cover


This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #76 – Silver dragons are notorious charmers, so if you ever meet one, be wary and make no promises. A smooth-tongued negotiator, he’ll rook you out of the shirt on your back, the shoes on your feet, and then come back for the keys to your house.






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It’s another amazing service from Amazon…Hallelujah! Here’s how it works — enjoy discounts in your local area AND also get special deals like this one — 2 Books (hard cover and paperback – your choice of 2 from 30 select titles. FURY OF FIRE (Dragonfury Series, book 1) is one of them!


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