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Looking for hot, wild and spicy? Look no further than this week’s Dragon Tip…


Tip #74 – Invite a fire dragon over for diner. He’ll not only cook for you (flambéed entrees in an instant!), but bring an excellent vintage from his wine collection too. Serve up hot, sprinkle on some sexy, and enjoy HIM along with the meal.



30111fire dragon


This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday we’re dealing with a new breed of dragon! Be very careful if you ever encounter one…


Tip #73 – Spider dragons are extremely rare, but if you ever encounter one, don’t bother trying to hide. You’ll never make it—he has eyes in the back of his head…and a spiderweb exhale that’ll tangle you up!


Picture credit: Devianteflap.









In the hopes that summer will eventually reach us, here’s an excellent Dragon Tip to keep you safe when the nicer weather arrives and you head outside…


Tip #72 – Enjoy long walks on the beach and lengthy hikes on nature trails? Well then, carry an air horn. Earth dragons are like great white sharks—burrowing beneath the ground, circling beneath your feet, attacking from below—but they detest loud noises. So when one pops up, blow the horn long and loud…then watch him cringe and run for cover!


Sand dragon 1


The Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt at NIGHT OWL REVIEWS is on! There are so many cool prizes from all kinds of terrific authors up for grabs. I’m giving away a wicked DRAGONFURY PRIZE PACK, which includes:


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Spring Fling



Dragon Tip Tuesday…it’s April Fools day!


Tip #71 – Watch out for tree dragons…they are notorious pranksters. They love to lay in wait in parks, on trails and bike paths, then jump out and yell “Gotcha!” at unsuspecting passersby. The practice can cause heart failure, which is why they are experts at CPR and always have nitroglycerin on hand.


Tree dragon









I cannot tell a lie. I have a weakness for Rugby players. Oh so yummy! So here goes…this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday, I’ve got a  whole lot of Rugby hotness going on


Tip #70 – Looking for a naughty dragon-shifter for some Friday night fun? Take out a personal Ad and invite one—or five—to a private party. Dragons will show up in droves and you’ll have more naughtiness than you can handle. The police department too—when the “guests” engage in an impromptu rugby match and take out the neighbouring fences in your backyard!


P.S. And yes, you’re welcome…for the pictures. :-)












iPhones are amazing gadgets. So many cool things to do with them. Look at the Selfie I took with my new mug (cuz yeah, I need another mug like I need another hole in my head!) But look, it says: “All you need is tea & warm socks” on it! Damn straight…so naturally, I couldn’t resist.


Happy Friday everybody! Make the weekend a good one!




Are you ready? The NOR Spring Fling is going to be so much fun!


Night Owls Reviews has put together another amazing Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt event this year with fun games, cool prizes and a fantastic line up of authors and books. I’m in the mix this year and can’t wait to get started! It runs from April 1st to May 15th, so don’t miss out! Come by, join in the fun, and enter for a chance to win some amazing gift baskets and prize packs from your favorite authors!


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Hope to see you there!


Win Books and Prizes in the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling Web Hunt



Watch for Lightning Dragons this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday!


Tip #69 – Never let a lightning dragon talk you into flying with him during a thunderstorm. Sure, the view will be magnificent until you discover he enjoys being struck by lightning and come back half-baked and charbroiled.


Lightning dragon ride


This week on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #68 – Never talk politics with a dragon. His uncompromising views will make you question your own when he throws the book at you, which naturally will make you want to smack him upside the head with same-said book. A crying shame, really. A dragon, after all, is a terrible thing to waste. Better to make love—and enjoy yourself—then make war in a losing battle and go home empty-handed.




The power of perfume on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #67 – Dragons have a very strong sense of smell, so when spritzing on perfume for a night on the town, apply sparingly. Or better yet, dab on a little Dragon’s Breath essential oil. But a word to the wise: be ready to receive LOTS of attention. The sensual scent will turn him on, so once he locks onto you from across the room—hold on tight. You’re in for a wild night and an even better ride.


Dragons Breathe




Get in on the action! WARRIOR’S REVENGE (Kindle ebook) is on sale for just $1.99! It’s only for a limited time, so please go grab your copy today. And if you have a minute, share with your friends and family. I would truly appreciate it. I love this book. Brigham and Aurora touched my heart in so many way, so I hope you enjoy the read!


Here’s the link:


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The dangers of a water dragon on Dragon Tip Tuesday…


Tip #66 – Never go alpine skiing with a water dragon. He’ll turn thick snow into slush, and you’ll end up swimming with skis on halfway down the hill. Trust me on this. Mac nearly drowned me last weekend! (Stay tuned—I’m still looking for ways to get even with him for it!)


Water dragon




For those of you who live in the UK…great news! The entire Dragonfury Series (all four books: Fury of Fire, Fury of Ice, Fury of Seduction and Fury of Desire) are the Kindle Daily Deal today! Just £0.99 a book for a limited time only, so snap up your copies today!


Here’s the link to the Kindle Deal page:




Giveaway alert! I’m giving away signed copies of both Fury of Desire (Dragonfury series, book 4) and Warrior’s Revenge at The Darkest Reader. Some other terrific giveaways are going on simultaneously, so enter for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!


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DRAGON TIP Tuesday—it’s all about the dodge and fake-out this week…


Tip #65 – If you ever get caught red-handed doing something you shouldn’t by a dragon, deny any and all wrongdoing. Kiss him instead. Not only will it surprise him, it’ll shut him up too. A big bonus—and WAY more fun—when trying to avoid a lecture.


P.S. I’ve included a picture of Rikar, cuz distracting him when she’s in trouble is one of Angela’s favorite pastimes. Go Team, Angela! :-)





Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Single or hitched, I hope you all have a great one. Before you go off and enjoy it, the Dragonfury boys attached a Valentine’s Day picture to show how much they love you and appreciate you reading their stories.

From Black Diamond’s doorstep to yours…HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


















Oh and while you’re at it,  check out FURY OF FATE–a Dragonfury short story–in the MY BLOODY VALENTINE anthology. 8 different shades of red from 8 supremely talented authors!




My Bloody Valentine - Box Set -500 pixels












It’s finally here! My Bloody Valentine story collection and FURY OF FATE–a Dragonfury short story–is finally HERE! I’m so excited to bring you this stunning of collection of stories by insanely talented authors. I was fortunate to team up with 7 other authors to make it happen. And even better? The entire collection–ALL 8 STORIES–are on sale for just $2.99! What a steal, so when you have a moment, please check it out.


* Links for Amazon and B&N:



B&N -


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the collection!


My Bloody Valentine - Box Set -500 pixels



Sage advice this week on Dragon Tip Tuesday. You’re neve too old for a snowball fight!


Tip #64 – If invited to participate in a snowball fight with a dragon pack, take cover fast. Oh and wear a helmet. The activity will absolutely devolve into a contact sport. Flying tackles. Spectacular face washes. Pile drives into snow banks. So grow eyes in the back of your head. Or better yet, stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa prepared to kiss the loser’s boo-boos when he finally comes inside.





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